as, even if the strength of the people on this Linyi City, is also very difficult to find much. Yang Cong had the strength to carry out tomorrow s test, but unfortunately, today he is unfortunate, met Longling, and then was seriously injured Longling, even if the test barely for tomorrow, the results can be imagined. The latest and fastest chapter, please visit www.txthj.comtxt Collection Forum , reading is a pleasure, it is recommended that you collect. Chapter 36 Garden meet Odd Book Network Updated 2012 3 110 12 32 chapter Words 3957 The next day, dawn, Ma began a new round of the test. Morning, for this test, and soon from the hundred and fifty people selected the strongest of the 100 people, including Peng Kun, Yue Feng, who, Long Ling with its strong strength, naturally in this one Hundreds of people. In the afternoon, but also carried out dozens of games, Yue Feng and Peng Kun are the existence of the gas, naturally not been brush down, that Long Ling naturally stay in the last. IASSC Certification This day also passed. After this day of the test, the origin. al one hundred and fifty people, at IASSC it exam the moment to the remaining fifty, but it is undeniable that the fifty people are jing English, and these 50 people are basically a gas Strength, but the crowd is also one of the few 9 Ji gas one of the Zhang Shixin feel fortunate, after all, to his ninth order of the strength of the gas, IASSC to stay in the 50 people, is also part of the reasons for the existence of luck. One night

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