after, a pair of PMP it exam feet dragon in the specious Dragons, far from flying. Feet in the back of the bony Feilong, there is a knight. Flying dragon has some dragon blood, is a yalong, ferocious nature of the cunning and large, more than five meters after the start of the wings, double claws Fengrui knife, plesiosaur neck, tail and head are wore A row of highly toxic bone spurs in PMI Certification the razor on the mainland be more ferocious flying World of Warcraft, there have been attempts to train the Yalong as air knight mounts, and later because of the beasts frequently eat them knights and failed. In the continent of mankind, only the Longyan Empire Krigan family to control the foot dragon, because the Kerrigan family, there is a genuine PMP dragon magic pet, the whole continent is now the only one for other ethnic services dragon. But also in the first dragon s help, there are many Yaron World of Warcraft, willing to Kerrigan family servic.e. The emergence of the Wyvern scout, has been plainly told the Vikings, Kerrigan people come Loss of memory and blood of the predecessor of the Dragon King, instinctively very offensive to this hybrid Yaron flying in his head. Wyvern quickly dive from the altitude, with rolling wind around the people on the ground

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PMP Project Management Professional PMI PMP

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