ching Jiang Mi. ng s face, hoping to see his face look positive. I like you. Jiang Ming s reply to the mood of the purple Ling moment floating up. PMP I saw her suddenly flapping in Jiang Ming Huai. So long, and Jiang Ming hold a number of times. But only this time, hold the name justifiably. Then Jiang Ming felt purple Ling s body began to twitch. Everyone to see such a scenario, the wise chose to avoid. Small Linger trained, trained and laughter came, Jiang Ming immediately with a purple Ling to the natural moat after. Spread cloth under an enchantment Jiang Ming and Zi Ling completed the first Shuangxiu, purple Ling body immediately began PMP it exam to transform the power. In the two ideas, 10 yuan Ying intertwined, ten kinds of strength of mutual refining. PMI Certification After a long blend, power has undergone a qualitative change. When the ten Yuan Ying separated, each retu. rned to their pubic region. Jiang Ming almost feel the power of change, because the repair of purple Ling is indeed too low. While the purple Ling is immediately into the digestion for the first time the power to double repair. Jiang Ming arranged around the environment, looked into the set of purple Ling. He thought of when the original met purple Ling, the two quarrel thing, feel the smiling faces. Afte

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